TOWER 9 tells the story of a rookie backcountry ranger stationed for the summer in a fire lookout tower who finds herself alone in the territory of a predatory bear.
Script Info
Script Type: Feature Narrative
Genre: Thriller / Horror / Drama
Length: 89 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($250K - $500K)
Screenplay Synopsis
TOWER 9 is a modern creature feature with a minimal cast set in the woods. In the story, I follow a rookie backcountry ranger stationed for the summer in a converted fire lookout tower as she discovers she's in the territory of a predatory bear. Think The Shallows, but stuck in a tower and not at sea. It's not a killer shark that's haunting our protagonist but a murderous bear. The story becomes a battle for survival with the will to live often being a problem to solve as she learns to trust her instincts. 
TOWER 9 is bold and pure indie. It's a clever creature feature grounded in the backcountry, following real life ranger duties and protocols. But it's also emotional and rooted in character so when the bear comes we hold our breath for our girl to prevail - it starts small as she develops a relationship with another ranger solely through her Motorola radio but climaxes when she's cut off from all communication changing her life forever.
Target Audience
This is a movie for people who love the woods, hiking, camping and for those who've found themselves imagining what they'd do if they came across a bear in the wild. We've all thought about it. We've all talked about it. Now it's time to face our fears

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