When a grieving writer who’s taken a job as a backcountry ranger finds herself hunted by a predatory bear, she must employ all her ingenuity, resourcefulness, and fortitude to survive in her isolated 40-foot tall lookout tower.
Script Info
Script Type: Narrative Feature
Genre: Thriller / Horror / Drama
Length: 99 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($250K - $1 million)
Andie Drew  is an aspiring writer raised in the woods by her recently deceased father. Still raw from the cancer that took her father's life (something she keeps a secret from everyone she meets), Drew, as she's known, takes a job working as a backcountry ranger at Grand Rock National Park in Georgia as a way to honor his memory and finish her first book.
When Drew arrives, she learns from Supervising Ranger DONALD SIMMONS (52) that he has plans to station her in a NPS converted fire lookout tower called Tower 9. As Drew reluctantly grows accustomed to her new home, she meets a fellow ranger JR (29), whom she talks to via radio only. As JR, a fifth year ranger, teaches the rookie Drew all the ways of maintaining a national park, Drew one day runs into two mischievous men, WALLACE (38) and MIKE (50), out illegally hunting in the park. Tasks by Ranger Simmons with tracking the poachers down and ticketing them, Drew stumbles upon a bloody campsite where she discovers a lurking bear.
After a frightful escape causes her to lose her radio, Drew locks herself in her tower cut off from any form of communication with JR. The once beautiful wilderness now a prison without walls. And her cell... a twelve-by-twelve foot tower, forty feet off the ground where somewhere below lurks the warden... a 750 pound murderous bear.
clintross@writerdirector.net to request to read the script. 

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