Designing shots

Below you will find log lines for several of my completed screenplays and films. To learn more about a specific screenplay, please click on the icon.

A 12 lesson course coming soon...
Part 1 - Aesthetics In Shot Design
Lesson 1 - Composition and Depth of Field
Lesson 2 - Shot Design for Emotional Impact 
Lesson 3 - Shot Design for Tone
Lesson 4 - Subtextual Shot Design
Lesson 5 - Using Reflections in Shot Design 
Lesson 6 - Shot Design for Economy
Lesson 7 - Purely Visual Storytelling
Lesson 8 - Using Transitions in Time, Between Scenes and Opening Sequences
Part 2 - Building A Shot Design
Lesson 9 - The Director's Critical Choice
Lesson 10 - Scene Point of View
Lesson 11 - Minor Beats and Pivotal Beats
Lesson 12 - Designing Shots (a case study)

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